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About us

We are engineers and technicians with a long experience in the automotive sector as teachers for the training of maintenance personnel of cars and motorcycles.
Now we are applying our experience of teaching in any other technical field.

We don't just shoot your video, but we want to understand your difficulties of teaching and collaborate with your specialists to write simple text, do shots in points more difficult to see, illuminate with the right lights, explain paying attention to more likely errors, answer to most frequent questions, etc.

In short, we don't look at the product from outside, we enter into

esaminare problema 
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RMI engineering Documents

EU 167-2013 regulation Download Reg UE 167-2013 forestry vehicles


EU 168-2013 regulation Download Reg UE 168-2013 motorcycles


EU 715-2007 regulation Download Reg UE 715-2007 motor vehicles