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Example of platform for video distribution

Videos can be distributed with any method preferred by the customer.
Video00.com also has its own standard platform that can be customized according to customer requirements.

Characteristics of standard platform:

  • Support for reliable multi-language function
  • Menu with chapters and descriptions
  • Progress test for study and student learning
  • Possibility to insert a final test after training, customizable

Some pictures of custom platform chosen by a customer:

 Choice of Language
video00 test lingua

Course menu
video00 test menu

Tests that students must pass during the course
video00 test corso

Final test of the course and results with colored symbols that put in evidence the achievements
video00 test test

RMI engineering Documents

EU 167-2013 regulation Download Reg UE 167-2013 forestry vehicles


EU 168-2013 regulation Download Reg UE 168-2013 motorcycles


EU 715-2007 regulation Download Reg UE 715-2007 motor vehicles