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RMI for Forestry Vehicles

What is and why the Repair and Maintenance Information for Agricultural Vehicles must be done.

The new European Regulation 167/2013 (Articles 53 - 54 - 55) and its delegated act 1322/2014 (Annex V) for the approval of agricultural and forestry vehicles requires the manufacturer to comply with the requirement RMI (Repair and Information Maintenance).
This Regulation shall apply to agricultural and forestry vehicles listed in detail in Article 4 and parts and equipment designed and constructed for such vehicles.
In short, these are the following products and their accessories:

  • Tractors (categories T, C)
  • Trailers (category R)
  • Interchangeable towed equipment (category S)

Therefore, to obtain the approval of a vehicle, in addition to complying with the constraints relating to pollution and safety, the manufacturer shall make available to any independent operator all technical information for repair and maintenance normally provided to the official service network. This must be done necessarily through a specific web platform.
The RMI service must be provided by the manufacturer in a non-discriminatory way, i.e. the technical information for the repair and maintenance of the vehicle must be provided in the same language and at the same economic conditions which they are normally given to the official service network of the manufacturer itself.

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