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RMI for basic training on mechanical and electrical engineering topics

We can provide many videos already made for primary tutorial courses of mechanical and electrical repair.
The generic distribution platform is available at the following links:

These tutorial courses programs contain many useful movie clips of basic training for operators working on repairs in general and can be made available with particularly favourable prices to all customers interested in the courses RMI for Motorcycles, Agricultural Vehicles and Motorized Vehicles.
The package can be dismantled, therefore you can also select to show just videos useful for customer's purpose.
They are videos made by engineers-teachers with years of experience in industrial tutorial training.
Our method has been tested with many applications and is much more advantageous than traditional tutorial systems.

RMI engineering Documents

EU 167-2013 regulation Download Reg UE 167-2013 forestry vehicles


EU 168-2013 regulation Download Reg UE 168-2013 motorcycles


EU 715-2007 regulation Download Reg UE 715-2007 motor vehicles