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Why teaching with movie video clips is convenient?
  • Teaching video courses are cheaper for those who produce and those who attend them.
  • Students can review the video many times, at the speed they want, in the most appropriate moment.
  • Students may return to see the most difficult part, in case doubts may arise later.
  • With clear images and written texts on video, you can translate very easily into any language.
  • On request, we can provide interactive test to check the level of learning.

When it is convenient?
  • If you already have instruction manuals for maintenance or for use.
  • If you need to train your employees, agents, distributors, customers, etc.
  • If you usually organise training courses with traditional methods in class or visiting customers.
  • If you have already made videos and wish to improve them from the technical point of view.
  • If you haven't done anything, but think that the video could reduce your costs or increase sales.

Video movies, where they can be useful?

Applications addressed to public

  • warnings for use of appliances
  • instructions for use of household tools
  • instructions and warnings for use of instruments for sport, leisure, health, etc.

Applications directed to employees and collaborators involved in maintenance

  • instructions for installation and repair of water heaters, heating systems in general, air-conditioning, appliances, electrical and alarm system, etc.

Applications directed to professionals

  • accurate information for the use of instrumentation, equipment, business software, etc.

Applications directed to its own national and foreign distributors

  • of industrial machinery,
  • of technical and scientific tools,
  • to show video simulations of processes to customers

Applications for franchising chains

  • to transmit information of know-how about:
    procedures of working techniques, design and furniture characteristics, etc.

Internal applications for companies

  • to determine exactly the procedure of a complex quality control, etc.
  • for training of new employees
  • to accurately define the tasks of an employee
  • for the safety and health at work HSE, to instruct Company's guests and employees

Educational applications in schools

  • to be distributed in schools, to promote the spread of a corporate brand, etc.

Internal applications for public administration

  • to explain step by step new procedures and train employees
  • to accurately define the tasks of an employee

RMI engineering Documents

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EU 715-2007 regulation Download Reg UE 715-2007 motor vehicles