tutorial and training video e-learning Production of Courses
for Industrial Training

Technical Films made by Teachers Engineers for Training Courses

You can communicate better, with lower costs
Traditional training courses in companies have often
too expensive and inefficient methods,
because commit too much time.

Less time spent on training, less costs.
time vs costs

What we do

We create technical video courses based on your needs and your experiences.

  • tutorial video of assembly, maintenance, etc.
  • video tutorial use instructions, warnings for correct use of the product.
  • video animated simulations to describe complex production processes, working center operations, rotating stations or robots, or an entire assembly line.
  • video simulations for use of software or machinery.
  • HSE corporate videos for safety and health at work, to train their employees and guests.
  • corporate video tutorials to train the staff, for example:
    • show how to carry out particularly difficult quality control,
    • prepare cooking recipes for fast-food chains,
    • perform recipes of chemical products,
    • transmit information to distributors and distant branches,
    • show the use of medical and pharmaceutical tools,
    • create educational videos to distribute in professional schools and promote the spread of a brand.
  • a list of other applications can also be found in our Applications page.

Not common movies.
They are videos made by teachers, engineers with years of experience in industrial training.
Our method is more effective and cheaper than traditional tutorial systems and proven by many applications.
We can provide a turnkey system: tutorial course planning, implementation, video distribution platform.

  How it works  
mano leonardo riunione
1 - Send us your request
by clicking here

2 - One of our engineers
analyzes for free
your current
teaching method
3 - We study with you
topics, video length,
verification tests if requested
for students
offerta telecamera regista
4 - We send you 
our offer
5 - After we receive your order,
we will come to your site
with professional equipment
and film products which
are the subject of teaching;
if necessary, we produce animated drawings to explain visually the technical concepts
6 - An engineer-director
assembles video clips and texts agreed with your technicians; each movie usually shows
a single written language;
on request, you can also accompany the images
with a voice comment

RMI engineering Documents

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